Smorgasburg 2017 Preview: 16 New Vendors to Try This Spring

Smorgasburg 2017 Preview: 16 New Vendors to Try This Spring

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This weekend, April 1–2, Smorgasburg returns for its seventh outdoor season with an exciting lineup of new vendors and returning staples. Here's a sneak peek at some of the newness that is coming to the iconic foodie market for spring/summer 2017, which includes globally inspired dumplings, fried and filled-to-order churros and steak tartare.

Note: Saturday vendors are located at 90 Kent Avenue (Williamsburg location) and Sunday vendors are located at Prospect Park at Breeze Hill (Lincoln Rd. at Ocean Ave.)

All City Deli
Andrew Keith (formerly of EstelaMission Chinese and Roberta’s) is taking classic New York deli offerings and elevating them by incorporating seasonal ingredients and adding his own creative twists. Look for “The Perfect Bacon, Egg and Cheese” and a Japanese egg salad with potato chips served on milk bread. (Saturdays and Sundays)

Baked Cheese Haus
Can’t get enough of those melted cheese videos on Instagram? These artisan cheesemakers from Wisconsin are serving up deliciously melty Swiss-style raclette sandwiches. Half wheels of Alpine cheese are warmed up before being scraped onto toasted baguettes. (Saturdays and Sundays)

Belmere Catering
Learn the story behind “Freedom Soup” (made with pumpkin and other vegetables) and sample other traditional Haitian dishes like deep-fried pork belly and mushroom rice. (Sundays only)

Burrito Juárez
Four friends from Ciudad Juárez have brought their hometown burritos stateside, which are made with from-scratch ingredients. Fresh, handmade flour tortillas are topped with a refried bean spread and finished with a choice of fillings, such as organic chicken in a green tomatillo sauce or organic brisket in a guajillo chile sauce. The final product is wonderfully soft, warm and full of flavor. (Saturdays and Sundays)

Burger Supreme
From a successful Mission Chinese pop-up to Smorgasburg, this classic creation wrapped in gold foil features a griddled beef patty, American cheese, onions, pickles, homemade mustard and, of course, special sauce. (Saturdays only)

Commissary Kitchen
Albert Johnson (aka Prodigy from Mobb Deep), who published a book of recipes and rules for prison cooking, has teamed up with the culinary team at Eddie Huang’s Baohaus to craft dishes like BBQ chili pie (served in a Doritos bag), curry no-broth ramen and a Buffalo Birdhaus Bao. (Saturdays and Sundays)

Destination Dumplings
Two kids from Queens, Tristan and Andrew, (as they like to bill themselves), are serving up modern Chinese-style dumplings with inventive fillings that reflect the diversity of NYC, from a jerk chicken dumpling with pineapple salsa to a lamb gyro dumpling with yuzu tzatziki. (Saturdays and Sundays)

Dulcinea Churros

Nutella-filled churros, anyone? This sweet spot fills and fries churros to order and will offer churro ice cream sandwiches (pictured above) in the summertime with your choice of vanilla, chocolate or horchata ice cream. (Saturdays and Sundays)

John’s Juice

“All juice, no cups!” is the motto at this straightforward spot, where your choice of fruit (orange, pineapple, dragon fruit, etc.) is cored and blended to order and finished with a selection of syrups, including blue agave. (Saturdays and Sundays)

Cambodian street food is the name of the game at this pop-up concept that's new at Smorgasburg. Look for lemongrass meat skewers, seasonal salads and a Southeast Asian take on elote. All proceeds support Kreung’s hometown rice farm. (Saturdays only)

Ministry of Kaapi
Coffee enthusiasts will want to check out this taste of South India in the form of traditionally brewed coffee. Once you get hooked on this strong but smooth roast, you can take home a beautiful decanter of “decoction,” which beats following the founder's own trek through the back roads of Southern India to bring India’s “best-kept brewed secret” to NYC. (Saturdays and Sundays)

Monsieur Tartare
These Paris natives and recent transplants are boldly taking this bistro classic to Smorgasburg, where meat will be hand-cut and prepared to order. Choose from a traditional tartare and an Italian-inspired creation featuring housemade pesto and topped with shaved Parmesan. (Saturdays only)

Pop Pasta
Spaghetti takes donut form (pictured above) for a portable eating experience in a variety of flavors including red sauce, aglio and olio and carbonara. (Saturdays only)

Roll Play Viet Noms
Fresh Vietnamese summer rolls with a choice of dipping sauces — boss sauce, hoisin poison and sexy sauce — and Viet Namchos featuring shrimp chips. (Saturdays and Sundays)

Rutte’s Dutch Waffles
Dutch stroopwafels are made on the spot for optimal softness and gooey deliciousness. Available in “The Classic” and “The Speculaas.” (Saturdays and Sundays)

Ube Kitchen
This healthy-ish dessert option specializes in Filipino desserts and snacks, with vegan options. Its halo-halo (pictured above), served in a dragon fruit bowl, features from-scratch ube ice cream, fresh fruit, toasted coconut flakes and diced dragon fruit. (Saturdays and Sundays)